After following the launch of New Balance Nike Athletic shoe manufacturing 3D printing technology

since a few days ago,Nike with 3D printing technology has created a new type of concept of running shoes, it is now well-known sports brands - New Balance (New Balance) has followed after Nike, launched its own brand of 3D printing technology to produce Athletics running shoes.

Niubai Lun use of 3D printing technology to produce shoes

  The feet specifically for professional athletes to build a new running shoes, made with the use of glass-like sand, but also uses a selective laser sintering technology. As each athlete shoes mechanics data is different, so the use of mobile technology to collect better data capture, using selective laser sintering technology allows various parameters shoes higher accuracy, better fit. Using this technology to produce shoes more lightweight, all aspects of performance is also very good, can effectively help athletes better game play.

  Currently, this use of 3D printing arts customized shoes priced quite expensive. Nevertheless, I believe, and people willing to pay for their own custom pair of 3D printing technology to feel this wonderful experience!
10/11/2013 02:43:52
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